Stephen P. Potter writes:
> This is quite a simple little script.  The majority of the changes
> that are being talked about won't ever show up in this.  It'd be
> nice if you could show something a little more complex.

The point I was making is that the perl4 stuff won't change

There may be some changes to perl5 stuff (e.g., objects and reference
syntax).  It's hard to show any new object syntax when Larry hasn't
talked about it beyond a "class" keyword.

There will be some completely new perl6 stuff.  We haven't seen much
from Larry about that.

If you want to suggest some language features that you would like to
see used, or want to see how one might write a particular program in
perl6, feel free to make some specific suggestions.

Damian has just what you are looking for at

It's a Perl Cookbook binary tree program converted to perl6.


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