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> To: Chaim Frenkel
> Subject: Re: perl5 to perl6
> Chaim Frenkel writes:
> > Those are all major typo inducing changes.
> >
> > You'll need alternative micro-code loads for your fingers, when
> > switching between clients and when editing scripts that pre-date Perl
> > 6.
> So we can't change Perl, because changes have to be learned?
> So now the changes are too SMALL, and we should have a language that
>   is completely different so that you won't be confused when you edit
>   different scripts?

I don't see the inevitable typos as a problem. They're quite temporary
anyways, even for people who have Perl 4 habits still. As long as the
concepts make sense, which they do, the brain should adjust in short order.

(Said by a person who still writes 1991 on checks.)

Programmer efficiency IMO is secondary (as long as it's fun) to any
requirement of abyssmal maintenance or conversion. So, I'm happy with it.
The books will be off for a while, but they need to be rewritten anyways.

(Said by a person who still refers to the pink camel when the blue one is
under the bed hiding.)

David T. Grove
Blue Square Group

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