Udo Güngerich schrieb:
> Why not doing a wiki system that does NOT have a fix syntax but rather
> allows defining its syntax rules in e.g. YAML and thus being entirely
> flexible?
> [..]
> It should have a proper user/groups system as well...
> [..]
> Why not give the wiki a web service API [..]

Good ideas. But maybe we should start a bit smaller ;)
It might be a good idea to create a list of features separated in
several increments (releases) to get a running system early.

I could imagine increments like "Parsing/Converting", "Storage
backend/Revision control", "User management", ...

Unfortunately you probably have to throw away/heavily modify earlier
increments, if you add features like a flexible syntax, which will need
a different internal infrastructure.

But targeting such a "feature monster" will probably take too much
development time.

Maybe a "feature complete" version could be targeted as "the"
But before this one a "Lite Version", which will be used to have a wiki
quickly available, could be developed.


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