I would recommend using a templating system as opposed to having calls
to include files in numerous pages. Even though it's minimal, it's
still duplication, and it can get rather messy.

I know that some people don't know about or don't like it, but I would
recommend setting things up in a Model-View-Controller pattern,
partially to approach the templating thing. If we sequester the
database-specific stuff from the templating-specific stuff and the
primary logic, it provides for a more orthogonal system.

However, MVC is just one solution. I'm open to others. Regardless,
though, I know we need to find a structure that inherently works well
in modular development with a big (if somewhat disparate) team.

Also, what is the best place to begin learning the Perl6 syntax? A
tutorial would be great, as a dry technical specification of the
language doesn't teach very well.


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