On 08/06/06, Matt Todd <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Honestly, I'm not familiar with the Perl way of doing things, but I'm
open to learn especially because I see the Perl community going
through a (much-needed) reform. Thusly, I'm not familiar with the RFCs
(Request For Change?) but I do see the merit for something similar.

Yup. That was Larry's idea for gathering everyone's opinions. Many,
many RFC documents were written and then battled over (this was a few
years back). Then The Big Guy (respectfully) distilled it all down
into A Plan. I kinda doubt that this project warrants as much process
as Perl 6 itself, but I would like to some process implemented that
involves everybody. Of course, it's not my money, so my opinion is
only just that.

As an aside, I'm coming from the PHP community which has left a very
bad taste in my mouth. The community and the project itself is stale
and not open to change (they're cheering about adding Unicode support
as their big new feature for version 6, which is great, but pathetic
at the same time). However, I'm also partly in the Ruby community, and
I feel quite at home there. I'm hoping to get into Perl again. I've
not used it since version 4!

Welcome home, my brother. Hopefully the distinction between these
different communities will begin to blur as Parrot learns to speak
more languages.


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