> F.ex., I could imagine that CGI.pm6 would provide a framework for

Please, please, please, let us not call this module "CGI" or anything
closely resembling it. This will only fool a lot of inexperienced Perl 5
programmers, and start a lot of fuss about the interface being

And, of course, the name "CGI" is just totally *WRONG*, for several
reasons, *especially* if we provide Session support built in.

> This way, it would work the way PHP works: when the sysadmin
> installs it, it is automatically fully set up to provide sessions
> somehow, and only the people who really need performance or
> special features need to think harder about it. (Which they can,
> because the whole thing is still pluggable.)

Agreed. We can safely default to file based sessions, like PHP does.
This is one of the things that PHP got right!

Inefficiency, cruft accumulating in /tmp, and the possible
inavailability of a tmp directory is not our problem. That's a sysadmin

We can easily make this work out of the box for 95%[1] of all

[1] Like 53.4% of all statistics, this one is made up and based only on
0.5% actual research that nobody can actually recall, and based
precisely 88.445% on the writer's own experience.
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