> I agree  completely.  In that vein, I think that one thing a lot of web
> developers would like to have available more easily would be session
> management.  In PHP it's as simple as $_SESSION['key'] = 'value'.  I
> understand that CGI.pm is a fundemantally different concept from PHP and
> that this can't be completely taken care of by the module.  Still, if
> something could be written in, I think it would make many people's lives
> simpler.

In Perl 5, CGI::Session is one solution that feels this gap well.

In frameworks like CGI::Application, sessions can be integrated so they
are apart of the of the same object anyway:

 self.query     <-- CGI.pm object
 self.session   <-- CGI::Session object.

As far as I'm aware, no work on CGI::Session for Perl 6 has started yet.
I'm sure there will be some things that would be nice to change about it
as well, as it currently has some features only for backwards


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