On Nov 24, 2005, Medi Montaseri wrote:

> One solution would be to augment a DB capability
> at the application level. That is instead of the search
> or select qualified by a SQL where clause, simply get
> everything (select *) and then let the application filter
> what you want. Then when your given DB provides
> that operation by itself, simplify your application
> and deligate that to DB (Query Engine).

Actually, the client asked me to write a
PHP-driven search engine to locate words in
HTML resources. I'm considering MySQL as
an "Indexing" tool to store the plain-text data
and speed-up this search.

The solution you explained requires that I write
my own Indexer with PHP. I'm looking for a faster
and easier way.

> I'm not sure about PHP support of unicode, but I know
> Perl is pretty strong on Regular Expressions wit! h
> support for Unicode as well...

With the aid of "mbstring" extension,
PHP supports multi-byte characters.
In case you're interested, take a look at:

1) Toppa, Michael, "Solving the Unicode Puzzle," php|arch Magazine, May 2005.
    Availabe online at http://www.phparch.com/issuedata/articles/article_179.pdf
2) http://www.php.net/ref.mbstring

BTW, if you code in Perl, I have something for you:

If you know a PHP-driven search engine like this, please let me know.

Thanks in advance,

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