Tom Lane wrote:
> Joshua Tolley <> writes:
> > Agreed. As long as a trusted language can do things outside the
> > database only by going through a database and calling some function to
> > which the user has rights, in an untrusted language, that seems decent
> > to me. A user with permissions to launch_missiles() would have a
> > function in an untrusted language to do it, but there's no reason an
> > untrusted language shouldn't be able to say "SELECT
> s/untrusted/trusted/ here, right?

One thing that has always bugged me is that the use of
"trusted/untrusted" for languages is confusing, because it is "trusted"
users who can run untrusted languages.  I think "trust" is more
associated with users than with software features.  I have no idea how
this confusion could  be clarified.

  Bruce Momjian  <>

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