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> Many of the links in the TODO wiki page result in a "page not found" error.
> Is this page up-to-date?
> Can anything be inferred about the status of these items from the broken
> link?

I think what we can infer is that the new archives code is broken.  I
hope someone is planning to fix that.  If there's been some decision
made that we don't have to support the historical URLs for our
archives pages, I think that's a really bad plan; those links are in a
lot more places than just the Todo.

As for your actual question, the TODO list is an accumulation of items
that someone, sometime over the last ten years, thought would be
valuable to work on, and nobody objected too strenuously to the idea.
The fact that it's in the TODO list doesn't mean that anyone is
working on it now, that anyone will ever work on it, or that people
would still think it was a good idea if it were re-proposed today.
It's just kind of a list to jump start people's thinking, and
shouldn't be taken as particularly official.

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