* Simon Riggs (si...@2ndquadrant.com) wrote:
> +1 to the idea of an example database, used throughout the docs
> Sounds like a summer of code project.

Agreed.  I'll add it to the GSoC ideas page.

> Since we don't have that now, it won't work for 9.4.

None of this is on the table for 9.4 as far as I'm concerned..

> I still like the idea of a database installed by default on initdb, by
> default. Packagers can of course do what they like.

I fail to see the point of adding something that's targetted at novice /
end-users which 90% (yes, it's a random # that I pulled, but it's surely
the majority, at least) of installs won't have.

For my 2c, it'd also be a disservice to our users and to ourselves to
encourage a design that minimizes the database's understanding of the
data and greatly reduces the set of PG's capabilities that can be used.



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