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> We start with a database called Postgres and a schema called Public.
> Yet we don't start up with any usable tables.
> I propose we add a single table called Postgres when we Initdb
>   CREATE TABLE Postgres (Id Integer, Data Jsonb);
>   COMMENT ON TABLE Postgres IS 'Single table for quick start usage -
> design your database';
> The purpose of this is to make the database immediately usable. By
> including this table in the default  initdb it will mean that programs
> can rely on the existence of this table and begin working quicker.
> By now, some of you will be doubled over laughing as if this is an
> April fool joke.  I don't mean it to be at all.

I can propose contrib PostgreNoSQL providing following:
1) Table postgres as you proposed.
2) Functions: get_postgres(id intgeger) returns jsonb, set_postgres(id
integer, data jsonb) returns void, search_postgres(query jsonb) returns
setof postgres. search_postgres will have semantics of @> jsonb operator
3) Background workers which provides HTTP wrapper over those functions.

With best regards,
Alexander Korotkov.

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