Adam Brightwell wrote:
> Alvaro,
> > I thought I saw a comment about using underscore to separate words
> > in privilege names, such as EXCLUSIVE_BACKUP rather than running it
> > all together.  Was that idea discarded?
> I'm not sure there was an actual discussion on the topic.  Though, at one
> point I had proposed it as one of the forms of this attribute.  Personally,
> I think it is easier to read with the underscore.  But, ultimately, I
> defaulted to no underscore to remain consistent with the other attributes,

If we were choosing those names nowadays, would we choose CREATEDB at
all in the first place?  I think we'd go for something more verbose,
probably CREATE_DATABASE.  (CREATEROLE is not as old as CREATEDB, but my
bet is that it was modelled after CREATEUSER without considering the
whole readability topic too much.)

Anyway it doesn't seem to me that consistency with lack of separators in
those very old names should be our guiding principle here.

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