Stephen Frost wrote:
> Alvaro,
> * Alvaro Herrera ( wrote:

> > That being so, I would consider the idea that the NO bit is a separate
> > word rather than run together with the actual privilege name.  And given
> > that CREATE has all the options default to "NO", there is no need to
> > have these options at all in CREATE, is there?
> That's a good point, except that INHERIT is actually on by default, and
> LOGIN defaults to 'on' if you use CREATE USER, and 'off' if you use
> CREATE ROLE.  If they were actually all 'no' by default then this
> simplication would work but it's not and therefore I don't think we want
> to have some which are allowed at CREATE time with 'on' and some with
> 'off' depending on whatever the default is.  Today, you can write a
> script to easily duplicate an existing role by just looking at what is
> on and off and using X and NOX.  This approach would require that script
> to know what's valid at CREATE time and what isn't.

All true.

> >     where privilege can be:
> >     and option can be:
> >            CONNECTION LIMIT connlimit
> >          | [ ENCRYPTED | UNENCRYPTED ] PASSWORD 'password'
> >          | VALID UNTIL 'timestamp'
> With the 'NO' distinct, as discussed above, it seems like we should be
> able to support this..  I certainly like it more too.


> Certainly, and I like where you're going with this, just seems like
> there's a couple wrinkles to deal with.


Let's go with the "NO_" prefix then ... that seems better to me than no

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