Robert Haas <> writes:
> 1. Is pgindent supposed to touch DATA() lines?  Because it does.

It always has.

> 2. CustomPathMethods is not in the buildfarm's typedefs.list.  Why not?

Probably because there are no variables, parameters, or fields declared
with that typedef, so it doesn't get into the debugger symbol table of
any .o file.  Grep says that the single use of the struct doesn't use
the typedef; it's
        const struct CustomPathMethods *methods;
So you'd need to change that, or else tweak some code somewhere to have
a variable explicitly declared using the typedef.

> - In src/backend/executor/execParallel.c, it dodges two cases where
> pgindent does stupid things with offsetof.

Well, it's also pretty stupid about sizeof, or casts generally, so
I'm not really convinced you need to get exercised about these two
places in particular.  But no objection to tweaking them if you
want to.

                        regards, tom lane

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