On 2017-01-17 13:43:38 -0500, Tom Lane wrote:
> Although ... looking closer at Andres' patch, the new node type *is*
> channeling Result, in the sense that it might or might not have any input
> plan.  This probably traces to what I wrote in September:
> +     * XXX Possibly-temporary hack: if the subpath is a dummy ResultPath,
> +     * don't bother with it, just make a Result with no input.  This avoids 
> an
> +     * extra Result plan node when doing "SELECT srf()".  Depending on what 
> we
> +     * decide about the desired plan structure for SRF-expanding nodes, this
> +     * optimization might have to go away, and in any case it'll probably 
> look
> +     * a good bit different.
> I'm not convinced that that optimization is worth preserving, but if we
> keep it then ProjectSet isn't le mot juste here, any more than you'd want
> to rename Result to Project without changing its existing
> functionality.

Right. I'd removed that, and re-added it; primarily because the plans
looked more complex without it. After all, you'd thought it worth adding
that hack ;)   I'm happy with removing it again too.


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