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Because, the fact is that it's a PITA and many people don't even go
far enough to look.  If major components of PostgreSQL were included
in the core, it would make it much easier for people; especially those
familiar with commercial-class database systems.

What is being discussed here is *purely* a packaging issue

Pretty much.

Using pl/Java as an example ... just went to Google, searched for
pl<space>java, and gborg comes up as the first response, so finding it
isn't difficult ...

Never said it was... but then again, you already know about it.

But, I can't find anything there to download ... just a pointer to a Wiki,
which, I'm sorry, would definitely not be my first thought to go look at
for a downloads ...

Hmm, yes... just saw that and it is a bit odd.  Thomas, I like the
layout of the Wiki... but could we move the project files to pgfoundry
for hosting and set the project's home page as the wiki?

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