Joshua D. Drake wrote:
> >>> "Ok, maybe postgres gets usable finally by supporting features that
> >>> MySQL had for a long time...." a MySql guy would say.
> >> I have the same feeling about the term "usability". It could
> >> be interpreted like :  PostgreSQL was not usable until now.
> > 
> > _improved_ usability
> I still don't like it. Usability is an opinion based thing. Personally I 
> find MySQL confusing and illogical. However I know many people love it 
> for that very same reason.
> I think we should drop the term usability as a selling part of the PR 
> and push it into further description.. Instead we should use a slightly 
> more expensive word (think 50 cents, not 5). :)

Fine, I am all ears.  Also, a lot of people are thinking usability
improvements aren't a big item, but they are.  I had a press person ask
during the 8.0 release, "You have a lot of large features in 8.0, but
what is there for the ordinary database user?".  At that time all we had
was COPY CSV.  This release will have a lot of those usability

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