I think we should drop the term usability as a selling part of the PR and push it into further description.. Instead we should use a slightly more expensive word (think 50 cents, not 5). :)

Fine, I am all ears.  Also, a lot of people are thinking usability
improvements aren't a big item, but they are.  I had a press person ask
during the 8.0 release, "You have a lot of large features in 8.0, but
what is there for the ordinary database user?".  At that time all we had
was COPY CSV.  This release will have a lot of those usability

I don't disagree with your thought process and I full agree :). I am just saying we should spice it up a bit :)


PostgreSQL has showed an unprecedented commitment to all skill levels of database developers. With the release of 8.2 the group has focused on refinement and usability. Features such as ... add to the already impressive list of enterprise class features such as ...


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