Bruce Momjian wrote:

I am keeping URLs in the TODO list.  Why don't people submit
improvements to the TODO list, rather than adding more complexity by
making a separate wiki for every TODO item?  If no one updates the TODO
item, what makes you think they are going to do somethin in a wiki?

You can update a wiki instantly. Unless you are a committer, updating the TODO list involves sending in a patch.

It should be added that the idea that the TODO list has much authority has been decried in the past.

I think the big conclusion we made long ago is that We are never going
to have enough detail anywhere that someone is going to be able to work
on an item without asking the community.

Wikis take a tiny bit of getting used to. But they are extremely useful - they can be used like a kind of online notebook. I find it much easier to make progress notes, reminders, etc in a wiki than in a notebook that I forget to take with me half the time. And they are thus also a great place to record progress.

Until you have used this, it seems strange. After you start it doesn't ;-)



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