Andrew Dunstan wrote:
> Bruce Momjian wrote:
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> > I am keeping URLs in the TODO list.  Why don't people submit
> > improvements to the TODO list, rather than adding more complexity by
> > making a separate wiki for every TODO item?  If no one updates the TODO
> > item, what makes you think they are going to do somethin in a wiki?
> >   
> You can update a wiki instantly. Unless you are a committer, updating 
> the TODO list involves sending in a patch.
> It should be added that the idea that the TODO list has much authority 
> has been decried in the past.

True, it is my attempt at a TODO, and people do ask for adjustments.

> > I think the big conclusion we made long ago is that We are never going
> > to have enough detail anywhere that someone is going to be able to work
> > on an item without asking the community.
> >   
> Wikis take a tiny bit of getting used to. But they are extremely useful  
> - they can be used like a kind of online notebook. I find it much easier 
> to make progress notes, reminders, etc in a wiki than in a notebook that 
> I forget to take with me half the time. And they are thus also a great 
> place to record progress.
> Until you have used this, it seems strange. After you start it doesn't ;-)

Sure, but with openness comes cruft, which can be a problem too.  Do we
want everyone's idea of a useful feature listed?  I don't.

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