Markus Schiltknecht wrote:

Richard Levitte - VMS Whacker wrote:
  1. Do you want to stay with CVS or do you want to move to something

Most PostgreSQL developers currently want to stay with CVS. Only some desperate souls including myself are fiddling with other VCSes.

I really don't think this is a correct characterisation. What is true, I think, is that many remain to be convinced that the benefits of any proposed change outweigh the likely pain, and I suspect many are also uncertain about what's happening in the SCM space and prefer to wait until the dust settles some.

It's also fair to say that this is a subject about which we usually get much more noise from partisans of other SCM systems than from the relatively small number of people who actually have to maintain the postgresql code. (As Tom has pointed out, our biggest pain point is the occasional wish to move things across directories.)



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