Andrew Dunstan wrote:
> Markus Schiltknecht wrote:
>> Richard Levitte - VMS Whacker wrote:
>>>   1. Do you want to stay with CVS or do you want to move to something
>>>      else?
>> Most PostgreSQL developers currently want to stay with CVS. Only some
>> desperate souls including myself are fiddling with other VCSes.
> I really don't think this is a correct characterisation. What is true, I
> think, is that many remain to be convinced that the benefits of any
> proposed change outweigh the likely pain, and I suspect many are also
> uncertain about what's happening in the SCM space and prefer to wait
> until the dust settles some.

I believe that is much more accurate. The reality is, switching to
something else will be painful. I would prefer not to be on CVS as well
but it would take a lot of work and cvs does what we need it to.

Joshua D. Drake


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