Realistically I just don't see getting everything in the ToDo patch list in; 
my vote is that we start deferring stuff for 8.4 if it doesn't have a 
reviewer, except for items which were submitted early in the cycle (and to 
whom it would be unfair). 

If that means shortening the 8.4 cycle somewhat, I'm for that ... feature 
freeze in Feburary would be even better than April, because it means we could 
be in Beta for the May-June-July conferences, and increase our probability of 
being able to release at a major conference or PostgreSQL conference.

Obviously for 8.4 reviewers need to start reviewing stuff from the first week 
of the development cycle.  I also don't actually see anything wrong with a 
3-month feature freeze if we can somehow branch development earlier.  Easy 
for me to say, I know. 

Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL @ Sun
San Francisco

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