[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Josh Berkus) writes:
> Bruce,
> Realistically I just don't see getting everything in the ToDo patch
> list in; my vote is that we start deferring stuff for 8.4 if it
> doesn't have a reviewer, except for items which were submitted early
> in the cycle (and to whom it would be unfair).
> If that means shortening the 8.4 cycle somewhat, I'm for that
> ... feature freeze in Feburary would be even better than April,
> because it means we could be in Beta for the May-June-July
> conferences, and increase our probability of being able to release
> at a major conference or PostgreSQL conference.

If we're pushing stuff planned for 8.3 off into 8.4, then doesn't that
mean that we'd be inclined to _lengthen_ the 8.4 cycle?

If we were to shorten the 8.4 cycle, that seems likely to me to worsen
the problem, so that I'd expect to see even more stuff deferred for
8.5 than was the case with 8.3...

> Obviously for 8.4 reviewers need to start reviewing stuff from the
> first week of the development cycle.  I also don't actually see
> anything wrong with a 3-month feature freeze if we can somehow
> branch development earlier.  Easy for me to say, I know.

Well, if people are essentially already working on patches for 8.4
*now*, but just deferring merging until after 8.3 is committed +
released, then we've got 8.4 work underway already.

Unfortunately, that's also likely to worsen the problem of the
reviewers' queues being even more overflowing.

I'd sorta like to see the Tom Lanes and Bruce Momjians of the project
getting to have some time to work on things that *they'd* like add, as
opposed to turning things into a spiral cycle where they keep spending
more and more of their time reviewing patches, as opposed to doing
things they find neat and new.  Too many iterations of that sort of
thing, and they'll not want to ever see a patch again...

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