Josh Berkus wrote:
> Bruce,
> Realistically I just don't see getting everything in the ToDo patch list in; 
> my vote is that we start deferring stuff for 8.4 if it doesn't have a 
> reviewer, except for items which were submitted early in the cycle (and to 
> whom it would be unfair). 

It seems unfair to disinguish between early/last in cycle postings.

> If that means shortening the 8.4 cycle somewhat, I'm for that ... feature 
> freeze in Feburary would be even better than April, because it means we could 
> be in Beta for the May-June-July conferences, and increase our probability of 
> being able to release at a major conference or PostgreSQL conference.
> Obviously for 8.4 reviewers need to start reviewing stuff from the first week 
> of the development cycle.  I also don't actually see anything wrong with a 
> 3-month feature freeze if we can somehow branch development earlier.  Easy 
> for me to say, I know. 

Yea, this is just pushing off work until later, which I don't support. 
There is no easy out here and I am afraid we will just have to accept a
3-month feature freeze.

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