Joshua D. Drake wrote:

> Concurrent psql, nifty but still trying to decide on actual interface.
> Full Page Writes Improvement, doesn't actually do anything *yet* (as far
> as I can tell) it just makes it so something can be done in the future.
> It is also apparently a small patch.
> UTF8 text matching performance improvements (todo wiki link broke), so I
> don't have much comment.

url should be fixed now

> On Disk Bitmap indexes (todo wiki link broke): Doesn't support Vacuum
> (to my knowledge), community member tested, reported problems... no
> response yet from author. The author is known to be time constrained,
> boot it till 8.4.

url fixed too

> Bitmapscan change, this one is unfortunate because at the time Heikki
> had resources and desire but was basically ignored. Sometimes we have to
> punt although Heikki is doing patch review right now and it is not
> unheard of for a patch reviewer to commit his own patch (in this case we
> would need a comitter to actually accept it.).
> Updateable cursors, apparently breaks explain and patch has been
> updated. Punt!
> Group Commit, Heikki has already suggested that it may be a good idea to
> push for 8.4 on this patch:
> Index Advisor.. I think the link is wrong:

url fixed

> PL/PSM, link wrong (goes to guc temp_tablespaces). This can certainly be
> developed outside of core. Don't get me wrong I like the feature but it
> can take advantage of facilities outside of core.

url fixed - I wonder why we had so much of them and all those pointing
to the patch list bruce maintains - are the urls to the mails there not
stable somehow ?


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