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> > Oh, and I notice the use of the PowerUsers group - iirc, 
> there is no 
> > such group on NT4 domains, so the attempt to get the SID will fail.
> That is one weird NT4.. :-)
> First of all, "Power Users" is not a domain group, it is a 
> local group.
> It has nothing to do with your domain. As such, it will also 
> work on non-domain-member servers/workstations.
> Second, the "Power Users" group have been included in the 
> local groups since NT 3.1, IIRC (could be 3.5). It is most 
> certainly there in NT4.

Ack, you know I wrote that very late last night :-p

You are of course correct that Power Users group is not a domain group.
Wasn't aware that it was there in NT4 though - probably 'cos when I used
to use NT4, it was on a small domain in which all servers were P/BDCs.
Which don't have a power users group...


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