Dave Page wrote:

It could still be run on NT4 under the following conditions:
1) Running as a service
2) Running if the user logged in is not an administrator.

Well, isn't "running as a service" sufficient? I thought that was the only interesting case for non-hackers anyway.

As long as you get an error message that's reasonably clear about what you can do instead, this hardly seems like a showstopper...

Well, that's kinda the point. If you are a hacker who has local admin privs (not exactly unusual on Windows networks - in some cases Power User group membership is required to run legacy software),

Not only legacy software...

you *cannot*
run PostgreSQL except as a service, thus potentially making it a show
stopper for those users.

Actually I wouldn't expect a server to run as anything else but a service. Running a server from a command line is for debugging purposes only (in the win32 world).
Thus I'd consider the non-admin check as acceptable, while quite irritating for most win32 users.

Many win32 servers create an own account on installation or suggest to do so (instead of using the "Local System" account), this could make things more convenient for the average win32 user.


Regards, Andreas

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