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> "Magnus Hagander" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> >> "Can't run Postgres securely" would be a 
> more-than-sufficient reason 
> >> not to support NT4, IMHO.
> > It could still be run on NT4 under the following conditions:
> > 1) Running as a service
> > 2) Running if the user logged in is not an administrator.
> Well, isn't "running as a service" sufficient?  I thought 
> that was the only interesting case for non-hackers anyway.
> As long as you get an error message that's reasonably clear 
> about what you can do instead, this hardly seems like a showstopper...

Well, that's kinda the point. If you are a hacker who has local admin
privs (not exactly unusual on Windows networks - in some cases Power
User group membership is required to run legacy software), you *cannot*
run PostgreSQL except as a service, thus potentially making it a show
stopper for those users.

Personally I don't care as I use XP/2K3 anyway, but having been told my
autovacuum service code needed to support NT4....

Regards, Dave

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