> > This will prevent PostgreSQL being runable on NT4 by anyone 
> with admin 
> > privileges, except as a service.
> Are we actually supporting NT4?  I recall quite a bit of 
> discussion long ago about which versions of Windows were 
> really reasonable to support, but I don't recall if there was 
> a definite outcome.

NT4 is on the list (for now). Nothing before it, and nothing from the 9x
line. Meening NT4, 2000, XP and 2003 today.

> "Can't run Postgres securely" would be a more-than-sufficient 
> reason not to support NT4, IMHO.

It could still be run on NT4 under the following conditions:
1) Running as a service
2) Running if the user logged in is not an administrator.

The difference is in 2000 and later you can log in with admin privs and
then start postgres without it.


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