Bruce Momjian wrote:
OK, updated patch, with output of text bind parameters.  New output is:
        LOG:  prepare sel1:  SELECT $1 + $2;
        LOG:  bind sel1:  SELECT $1 + $2;
        LOG:  bind sel1:  parameter 1:  "8"
        LOG:  bind sel1:  parameter 2:  "5"
        LOG:  execute sel1:  SELECT $1 + $2;

I put each bind parameter on a separate line.  Is that OK?

My only comment here is that this is very verbose. The JDBC driver now always uses the extended query protocol, even when not doing "server-side prepare", so you're going to get multiple lines of output all the time when using JDBC apps.

A 50-parameter query could be .. interesting ..

I realize that you need this level of output to reflect what is happening at the protocol level, but seeing all the protocol detail is not really what you expect when you turn on basic statement logging, is it?


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