Tom Lane wrote:
> Oliver Jowett <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > A 50-parameter query could be .. interesting ..
> > I realize that you need this level of output to reflect what is 
> > happening at the protocol level, but seeing all the protocol detail is 
> > not really what you expect when you turn on basic statement logging, is it?
> Well, we've certainly been beat up often enough about the lack of
> logging bind parameter values --- I don't think there's any question
> about the importance of printing them.  I agree that the proposed format
> is much too verbose though.  In particular, a separate LOG message per
> parameter is NOT what I had in mind; I want them in DETAIL lines of the
> bind log message.  (This'd perhaps also address Oliver's issue, since
> if you didn't want to see the values you could turn down
> log_error_verbosity.)

OK, I will continue in that direction.  Will post a new patch.

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