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Your attitude has been lacking about this whole thing, as has a lot of
other people. PgFoundry is the official sub project site for PostgreSQL.

That may be the case.  However, all I've seen+heard is conjecture that
pgfoundry is a good thing; where's the proof?  Show me and other
fellow "whiners" that a lot of people use pgfoundry and I'll gladly
shut up about it.

It is not a graveyard, projects on PgFoundry should receive full
advocacy and promotion about their abilities and their linkage PostgreSQL.

See previous email to Andrew regarding projects that don't work with
the latest versions of PostgreSQL.  I think I've even seen a pgfoundry
project last updated for 7.x; that's certainly the case for gborg.

If we spent half as much time promoting and helping the various sub
project succeed as we doing whining on this list, we would be far more
dominant in the industry then we are.

So, subprojects [pgfoundry] is the source of all industry dominance?
I wish I would've known that before :)  Sorry, I was itchin' to say

I am sick of all the moaning that goes on,

So am I... in general.

When full disjunctons is ready, I am sure it will be considered for
core. It currently is not and pgFoundry is the perfect place for until
until then.

As it's not a common feature, I don't think many of the hackers know
what it is or what it does.  Certainly, very few have spoken on this

It's odd, only 10 people have commented on this thread; 4 of which are
core members, 2 in favor and 2 against.  Yet, we're having an argument
on why this wasn't included.  Unless this is the new math, 2 vs. 2
seems like a tie to me.

We can still promote and announce we have a full disjunctions
implementation, just as we can advertise we have full text indexing.

Wherever it ends up, I look forward to seeing the promotion and
announcements.  Tzahi has put a lot of work into it over the past few

I'm done on this topic but would gladly appreciate public or private
proof regarding pgfoundry's popularity.

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