Jonah H. Harris wrote:
On 8/26/06, Joshua D. Drake <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Your attitude has been lacking about this whole thing, as has a lot of
other people. PgFoundry is the official sub project site for PostgreSQL.

That may be the case.  However, all I've seen+heard is conjecture that
pgfoundry is a good thing; where's the proof?  Show me and other
fellow "whiners" that a lot of people use pgfoundry and I'll gladly
shut up about it.

true story.

I walked into my new boss's office the other day. He knew I was connected with PostgreSQL (after all, that's why he gave me the job), but we had never discussed pgfoundry - in fact he was very surprised yesterday to hear I had anything to do with it. But that day his browser was open on the pgfoundry home page.

So, yes, it is used, and by far more that just hard core hackers.



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