> I'm guessing OLTP needs things like FSM cranked up, 
> OLAP (a for analytical) needs more shared buffers and sort memory
> Webserver might be better served just slightly higher values than default 
> but well under those of either OLTP or OLAP...

Yes. Take sort_mem for example:
OLTP_SM 1024
OLTP_LM 2048
OLAP_SM 4096
OLAP_LM 16384
WWW_SM  512
WWW_LM  1024
Workstation     1024

The basic idea is:
More RAM => more sort_mem
More concurrent queries => less sort_mem
Larger data sets => more sort_mem
Lots of grouped aggregates => more sort_mem

-Josh Berkus
 Aglio Database Solutions
 San Francisco

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