So, maybe just a note on which parameters to increase if you have more 
RAM/CPU/I/O bandwidth in the big server example?
Yes, that would be great. Actually I prefer rules of thumb and examples for each extreme. If possible a little note WHY the parameter should be tweaked, and what effects it will have. For example, more note's like Josh's below would be a big help...

Yes. Take sort_mem for example:
OLTP_SM	1024
OLTP_LM	2048
OLAP_SM	4096
OLAP_LM	16384
WWW_SM	512
WWW_LM	1024
Workstation	1024

The basic idea is:
More RAM => more sort_mem
More concurrent queries => less sort_mem
Larger data sets => more sort_mem
Lots of grouped aggregates => more sort_mem


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