Josh Berkus wrote:


Are you planning on differentiating between dedicated machines and


machines? For example, a dedicated database for a webserver would be tuned
differently from a server that was running both the webserver and the

database on

the same machine.

My thought is when we define "Small Machine" in at the top of the file we define it as "Small Machine or Multi-Purpose machine". The settings should be nearly the same for a machine that has only 64MB of *available* RAM as one that has only 96MB of RAM at all.

We are using postgres 7.3.2 for one of our clients with a smallish db, on a p4 with 4G ram box which also servers as a web server and a web-based file repository (~ 80G). We are starting another project for another customer, on a p4 with 2G ram, and the db will be larger, approx 7-15G when finished. This box will also be used as a web server, and as it won't go 'live' until the fall, will run 7.4.

I don't know if this is representative of other postgresql installs, but I would also put in my vote for the differentiation added, as these are not small machines but are multi-server boxes.

my 2 cents worth

PS the new postgresql.conf performance tuning docs are extremely helpful, thanks

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