On Wed, 2003-07-30 at 11:59, scott.marlowe wrote:
> I'm looking at doing the example postgresql.conf files for the 7.4 
> release. So far, the catagories we have would be a matrix of:
> -------------- Large Machine -- Small Machine
> Webserver
> Workstation
> But likely only one entry for workstation.

How about "General Purpose", for DBs that don't fit into any one

> anyone have any advice on what they use in which situations and what we 
> should include in the examples?  
> I'm guessing OLTP needs things like FSM cranked up, 
> OLAP (a for analytical) needs more shared buffers and sort memory
> Webserver might be better served just slightly higher values than default 
> but well under those of either OLTP or OLAP...

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