> Once someone is getting into the 8 way Itanium II with 32 Gigs of RAM, 
> the fact that they are doing something that big means that by looking at 
> the default, the workgroup, and the large server configs, they can 
> extrapolate and experiment to determine the best settings, and are going 
> to need to anyway to get it right.
> So, maybe just a note on which parameters to increase if you have more 
> RAM/CPU/I/O bandwidth in the big server example?

Also, lets not get away from our goal here, which is NOT to provide 
comprehensive documenation (which is available elsewhere) but to give new 
DBAs a *sample* config that will perform better than the default.

Plus, I would assume that anybody who spent $50,000 on hardware would be smart 
enough to pay a consultant $1000 to tune their database correctly.

-Josh Berkus
 Aglio Database Solutions
 San Francisco

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