Christopher Browne wrote:
Martha Stewart called it a Good Thing [EMAIL PROTECTED] (matt)wrote:

I'm also looking at renting equipment, or even trying out IBM/HP's
'on-demand' offerings.

You're assuming that this is likely to lead to REAL savings, and that seems unlikely.

During the recent power outage in the NorthEast, people looking for
generators and fuel were paying _premium_ prices, not discounted

If your hardware requirement leads to someone having to buy hardware
to support your peak load, then _someone_ has to pay the capital cost,
and that someone is unlikely to be IBM or HP.  "Peak demand" equipment
is likely to attract pretty "peaked" prices.

If you can find someone who needs the hardware during the day, but who
_never_ needs it during your needful hours, then there might be an
arrangement to be had, assuming the "someone else" trusts you to use
what's, at other times, their hardware, and assuming you trust them
with the financial information you're managing.

I hadn't considered this, but that's not a bad idea.

With FreeBSD, you have jails, which allow multiple users to share
hardware without having to worry about user A looking at user B's
stuff.  Does such a paradigm exist on any heavy iron?  I have no
idea where you'd go to find this kind of "co-op" server leasing,
but it sure sounds like it could work.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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