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> whether you like it or not, you're gonna need heavy iron if you need
> to do this all in one hour once a week.

The other thing worth considering is trying to see if there is a way
of partitioning the workload across multiple hosts.

At the point that you start going past hardware that is
"over-the-counter commodity" stuff, the premiums start getting pretty
high.  Dual-CPU Intel boxes are pretty cheap compared to buncha-CPU
Sparc boxes.

If some sort of segmentation of the workload can be done, whether by
area code, postal code, or perhaps the last couple digits of the
caller's phone number, or even a "round robin," it's likely to be a
lot cheaper to get an array of 4 Dual-Xeon boxes with 8 disk drives
apiece than a Sun/HP/IBM box with 16 CPUs.
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