> Are you *sure* about that????  3K updates/inserts per second xlates
> to 10,800,000 per hour.  That, my friend, is a WHOLE HECK OF A LOT!

Yup, I know!  

> During the 1 hour surge, will SELECTs at 10 minutes after the 
> hour depend on INSERTs at 5 minutes after the hour?

Yes, they do.  It's a payments system, so things like account balances
and purchase histories have to be updated in real time.

> Only one hour out of 168?????  May I ask what kind of app it is?

Online voting for an unnamed TV show...

> > If the best price/performance option is a second hand 32-cpu Alpha
> > running VMS I'd be happy to go that way ;-)
> I'd love to work on a GS320!  You may even pick one up for a million
> or 2.  The license costs for VMS & Rdb would eat you, though.

You'd be amazed how little they do go for actually :-)

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