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> Christopher Browne wrote:
> > Martha Stewart called it a Good Thing [EMAIL PROTECTED] (matt)wrote:
> With FreeBSD, you have jails, which allow multiple users to share
> hardware without having to worry about user A looking at user B's
> stuff.  Does such a paradigm exist on any heavy iron?  I have no

IBM invented the idea (or maybe stole it) back in the '70s.  The
VM hypervisor was designed as a conversion tool, to let customers
run both OS/MVS and DOS/VSE, to aid in converting from VSE to MVS.

Customers, the cheap, uncooperative beasts, liked VSE, but also liked
VM, since it let them have, for example, a dev, test, and production
"systems" all on the same piece of h/w, thus saving them oodles of
money in h/w costs and maintenance fees.

Yes, yes, the modern term for this is "server consolidation", and
VMware does the same thing, 30 years after dinosaur customers had
it on boxen that academics, analysts and "young whippersnappers" 
said were supposed to be extinct 20 years ago.

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