> Just how big do you expect your DB to grow?  For a 1GB disk-space
> database, I'd probably just splurge for an SSD hooked up either via
> SCSI or FibreChannel.  Heck, up to about 5Gb or so it is not that
> expensive (about $25k) and adding another 5Gb should set you back
> probably another $20k.  I use an SSD from Imperial Technology
> ( http://www.imperialtech.com/ ) for mail spools.  My database is way
> to big for my budget to put in SSD.

I may well be able to split some tables that aren't used in joins into a separate DB, 
and could well use an SSD for those.

In fact two of the inserts per user interaction could be split off, and they're not 
financially important tables, so fsync=false
could be enabled for those, in which case an SSD might be overkill...

The whole thing will definitely *not* fit in an SSD for a sensible price, but the WAL 
might well!

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