sm> On 27 Aug 2003, matt wrote:

>> My app is likely to come under some serious load in the next 6 months,
>> but the increase will be broadly predictable, so there is time to throw
>> hardware at the problem.
>> Currently I have a ~1GB DB, with the largest (and most commonly accessed
>> and updated) two tables having 150,000 and 50,000 rows.

Just how big do you expect your DB to grow?  For a 1GB disk-space
database, I'd probably just splurge for an SSD hooked up either via
SCSI or FibreChannel.  Heck, up to about 5Gb or so it is not that
expensive (about $25k) and adding another 5Gb should set you back
probably another $20k.  I use an SSD from Imperial Technology
( ) for mail spools.  My database is way
to big for my budget to put in SSD.

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