Alexander Priem kirjutas E, 20.10.2003 kell 15:29:
> Thanks for your reply, Jeff.
> If we are going to use a NAS device for storage, then it will be attached
> through a gigabit ethernet connection. Fiber will not be an option, since
> that would negate the savings we can make by using an IDE NAS device instead
> of SCSI-RAID, fiber's pretty expensive, right?
> Using a NAS device (that is used only by PostgreSQL, so it's dedicated) with
> 3Gb of RAM and four 7200 rpm IDE harddisks, connected using a gigabit
> ethernet connection to the PostgreSQL server, do you think it will be a
> match for a SCSI-RAID config using 4 or 6 15000rpm disks (RAID-10) through a
> SCSI-RAID controller having 128mb of writeback cache (battery-backed)?

I sincerely don't know.

But if NAS is something that involves TCP (like iSCSI) then you should
take a look at some network card and TCP/IP stack that offloads the
protocol processing to the coprocessor on network card. (or just have
some extra processors free to do the protocol processing )


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