Alexander Priem wrote:
Dell PowerEdge 1750 machine with Intel Xeon CPU at 3 GHz and 4 GB of RAM.
This machine will contain a PERC4/Di RAID controller with 128MB of battery
backed cache memory. The O/S and logfiles will be placed on a RAID-1 setup
of two 36Gb SCSI-U320 drives (15.000rpm). Database data will be placed on a
Dell PowerVault 220S rack-module containing six 36Gb SCSI-U320 drives
(15.000rpm) in a RAID-10 setup. This PowerVault will be connected to the DB
server via a SCSI cable...
This machine will be a bit more expensive than I thought at first (it's
going to be about EUR 14.000, but that's including 3 years of on-site
support from Dell (24x7, 4-hour response) and peripherals like UPS etc...

Check opteron as well.. I don't know much about european resellers. IBM sells eserver 325 which has opterons. Apparently they scale much better at higher load. Of course pricing,availability and support are most important.

Any concrete benchmarks for postgresql w.r.t xeons and opterons? A collection would be nice to have..:-)


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