I have considered Opteron, yes. But I think there are too many
uncertainties, like :

* It's a new CPU that has not proven itself yet.
* I don't think I can buy directly from IBM (according to their site), so
how about support (24x7) ? This will be very important to our client.
* I need to install and configure a 64bit Linux flavour which I don't know

Any suggestions about the usability of the system I described before?

Here is the description again:

Dell PowerEdge 1750 machine with Intel Xeon CPU at 3 GHz and 4 GB of RAM.
This machine will contain a PERC4/Di RAID controller with 128MB of battery
backed cache memory. The O/S and logfiles will be placed on a RAID-1 setup
of two 36Gb SCSI-U320 drives (15.000rpm). Database data will be placed on a
Dell PowerVault 220S rack-module containing six 36Gb SCSI-U320 drives
(15.000rpm) in a RAID-10 setup. This PowerVault will be connected to the DB
server via a SCSI cable...

I have never worked with a XEON CPU before. Does anyone know how it performs
running PostgreSQL 7.3.4 / 7.4 on RedHat 9 ? Is it faster than a Pentium 4?
I believe the main difference is cache memory, right? Aside from cache mem,
it's basically a Pentium 4, or am I wrong?

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