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> Folks,
> A lot of people have been having a devilish time with Dell hardware lately.
> It seems like the quality control just isn't there on the Dell servers.

Which is a shame, because I *still* drool over a rack full of those
front bevels with the bright blue LEDs. :)

> Thing is, some companies are required to use 1st-tier or at least 2nd-tier
> vendors for hardware; they won't home-build.   For those people, what vendors
> do others on this list recommend?   What have been your good/bad experiences?

I'm using an HP DL585 quad Opteron with 16G RAM as a development box. 
It's working great. ;)

Seriously though, I never really liked HP (or worse, Compaq) hardware
before, but this box seems really well built, and I've yet to see a
'D' in the S column in top with the SA-6404/256 RAID card.

If all goes as well as it has so far on this testbed I'll be deploying
on a Slony-1 clustered set of 3 of these bad boys with 32G RAM each. 
Dollar-for-dollar, we're saving 90% (that's right, an order of
magnitude) going this route, PG with linux-amd64 on HP/Opterons, as
opposed to the E20K monster that was originally spec'd out.

Mail me direct if you want the full spec list on this beast.  And if
there is a ready-made benchmark anyone would like me to run, just drop
me a note.

Mike Rylander
GPLS -- PINES Development
Database Developer

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